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Prescheduled, dedicated vehicles for groups

ShastaConnect provides pre-paid subscription services for businesses, organizations, and religious institutions who’d like to provide employees, patrons, or visitors a dedicated vehicle to/from a specified location at a specific time. For a nominal fee, we can automatically pick up riders at the same time at the same location and takes them to their destination each Sunday. For example, picking someone up at home and taking them to work or picking up a few riders and taking them to church. Riders get the convenience of having their trip automatically scheduled and a vehicle waiting by the curb at the chosen time, and organizations know that their patrons will be able to get to them on Sundays.

Subscription services are provided on a monthly basis. Subscribers are guaranteed a vehicle, or vehicles, at prescheduled points throughout the day. Transportation may be combined with other customers depending on the number of seats requested as part of the subscription service. To accommodate all riders, ShastaConnect generally limits subscription services to 50% of our maximum capacity for any service hour. Due to this requirement, we may not be able to guarantee that a subscription service can be provided.


Subscription Service Guidelines:

  • Service is generally curb-to-curb unless door-to-door service is requested to provide assistance to the rider. ShastaConnect vehicles cannot enter private driveways.
  • Subscription riders may share a vehicle with non-subscription riders.
  • Subscription services are provided on a monthly basis and must be pre-paid at least seven (7) days in advance in order to properly schedule the service. For any payment not received at least four (4) days prior, services would start on the following Sunday.
  • Payment for services is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • The ShastaConnect vehicle has up to 20 minutes to arrive.
  • ShastaConnect vehicles will not wait more than three (3) minutes to pick up passengers.


Changes and Cancellations:

  • Changes to the subscription service are limited to two times a month. Change requests must be called or emailed to ShastaConnect by 3:30 PM on the previous Friday.
  • If a subscribed rider does not call and cancel a pickup prior to the arrival of the vehicle, your return ride will be automatically cancelled. Riders will have to make other arrangements for their trip.
  • If a subscribed rider does not show up for their trip for two consecutive Sundays, ShastaConnect will suspend service until contacted further. No credit will be given. Once a rider contacts ShastaConnect, a subscription service can, at the discretion of ShastaConnect, be started again at the next available Sunday once payment has been made.


Cancellations due to Extreme Weather:

ShastaConnect cannot predict when weather conditions (e.g. fire, snow, flooding, etc.) may make it unsafe for service to be provided.  In the event of an extreme weather event, ShastaConnect may have to cancel service. We will do our best to update users of any pending or immediate cancellation. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to get real-time updates; check our website or mobile app, or call us at (530) 226-3075 whenever you have questions.

ShastaConnect does not reimburse or credit subscribers for services canceled due to extreme weather.


Contact us to learn more:

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us by filling out the request form and we’ll get back to you shortly.